Top Sales People Do Not Have Superhuman Abilities

I was watching the History Channel the other day and I saw Stan Lee. He was an author with Marvel Comics and co-created many superheroes. He was on a quest. He sent a guy out to find people with superhuman abilities. There were guys bending metal and chewing glass, jumping from tall heights, and holding […]


May I Help You?

Obviously, I can’t promise you that every door knock that you make will end happily for you. Sometimes there are people that are just resistant to anyone walking in their door and are pretty abrupt when you do. I was out today with a friend of mine, Jay, who is a partner in a copy […]


Making Sales: It’s Not Coincidence, It’s Activity

  Sales has peaks and valleys. The most successful sales people I know are making sales are the ones that have a steady line of referrals and a steady line of new business coming in to their pipeline. So they have peaks, but they are primarily plateaus and they continue to do the correct activities […]


The secret To Receiving Trusted Referrals From Friends And Mentors

Do you have a mentor? Someone you trust? Do they give your referrals for your business? If you have mentors that know the type of business that you are in they can guide you with their knowledge on how they built their companies, what organizations you might want to join, what activities you should be […]


Situational Learning: The Final Step

The final step in the situational learning category is the exit interviews. Basically for the situational learning on our community blog, I have set up video sessions of people that I have taken out doing “Four on the floor, 0 to 60,” which is a hands on prospecting personal training that I have set up […]


4 Things To Expect When Making Walk-in Cold Calls

The situational learning category of outcomes is really 4 outcomes that I really expect or have been prepared to expect on calls since I have been making walk-in cold calls. The first outcome I expect is trying to be nonthreatening enough to make a good impression with the person that greets me, whether it is […]


Participation Is The Key To Success For Situational Learning

Participation is another way to build confidence cold calling and acquire situational learning. What I try to teach is to start out slow, maybe 1 day a week initially. Find yourself a cold calling partner, someone who has experience if you do not have a trainer, and set a goal of spending an hour to […]


21st Century Learning for Sales People

The subject we are going to talk about is situational learning for sales people. This is the 21st Century Learning for Sales People. There are really 4 things that you can do to become better and more confident at selling that I have experienced. Modeling effective behavior Participating Outcomes that you run into good or bad Watching video of […]


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