Prospecting 101:
A Beginner’s Guide To Generating New Business

prospecting 101 image source  flickr - photobookgirlEvery business needs new customers and that will never change.

Why would you stop looking for new business?

  • Is This Your First Sales Job?
  • Are You A Seasoned Veteran?
  • Are You A Sales Manager?

Can you relate to this?

As a sales person you got tossed to the wolves and never got taught to prospect, but you are expected to meet quotas every month.

What do the smart sales people do?

They have a system for prospecting everyday.

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Why Prospecting Is
Smart For Every Sales Person

Here’s the deal:

The biggest mistake I see made by beginners and veterans alike is not prospecting everyday. I’ve made that mistake several times in my career and lost BIG. There’s nothing like waking up in the morning to find out that 75% of your income is gone – and it wasn’t even your fault!

The only guarantee you have for building a sustainable, reliable income is to go out and look for business everyday.  After you have been doing it for a while then you will find out how much money it will consistently bring you. Once you have new business coming to you on a regular consistent basis you can focus on getting better at your sales. If you are not doing the work everyday to bring in new business then it won’t matter how great you are at sales because you won’t have anyone to talk to.

A Proven Behind The Scenes Guide To
Generating A Massive Recession-proof Fortune

If you have never learned to prospect start here. The simple prospecting system I’ve used in 3 different industries to become a top producer.

Figuring out what to say can be a big challenge. Forget about what you are saying and focus on saying it right.

One of the most important things when you are meeting with someone is your body language. Here’s what you need to remember.

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