Top Sales People Do Not Have Superhuman Abilities

I was watching the History Channel the other day and I saw Stan Lee. He was an author with Marvel Comics and co-created many superheroes. He was on a quest. He sent a guy out to find people with superhuman abilities. There were guys bending metal and chewing glass, jumping from tall heights, and holding […]


Be visible in your territory

Independently of door knocking local businesses inside of my territory, you could pretty much set your watch to where to find me on any given day. After I drop my daughter off at school I go to the YMCA. I spend a little time after I work out and talk with the people there. I […]


Buy Local To Grow Your Business

Why is it important to buy local? In my territory I have a local printer. I use a local insurance company. I have a local company that does my signs. I go to the local barber. I have a local CPA. I buy my pet’s pet food at a local pet store. I go to […]


Brand Yourself: Stand Out From The Crowd and Join The Local Chamber

I have said this before, but when I first opened my real estate company, even before I got my EIN number back from the state of Florida, I had already joined the Chamber of Commerce in this market in the East Tampa market and I’m grateful I did. This is one of the keys how […]


Brand Yourself In The Territory

In any territory that I have worked, I have tried to participate in organizations for two reasons. One, to give back to the community. Obviously, if they are spending money with me I have enough time or income to share with other disadvantaged groups in the territory. What it does for me is it gets […]


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