How To Sell More Stuff

  I don’t know if you have ever been to Costco, but Costco has it figured out. They offer more value than their competition is how they sell more stuff. I particularly, though I hate to admit it, enjoy going to Costco probably 2 to 3 times a week to buy a vanilla strawberry sundae. […]


Dominate Your Market With The Rule Of 300

When I first started selling, I sold vertical markets. I sold actually soft cover book printing and the vertical markets that I targeted were book publishers as well as high technology companies. I didn’t understand what I was doing at the time, but it worked out pretty well for me. What I did was I […]

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A Secret to Acquiring New Customers Quickly

Obviously, the fastest way to open up any account when acquiring new customers is to get an introduction to the decision maker by a trusted sales rep or owner of a company. What I do is I identify companies that have synergy with who I am trying to target and I set up either a […]


Brand Yourself In The Territory

In any territory that I have worked, I have tried to participate in organizations for two reasons. One, to give back to the community. Obviously, if they are spending money with me I have enough time or income to share with other disadvantaged groups in the territory. What it does for me is it gets […]


Find and Access Your Ideal Customers – Use the Public Library

When I first started selling I went to the public library and I found user directories for all of the types of businesses I was calling. I was selling book printing at the time and I had discovered that there was a directory for publishers, there was a directory for manufacturers, there was a directory […]


Proven Street Wisdom Produces Surprising Results

I have discovered that what makes top producing salespeople valuable in their marketplace is knowing #1 what is going on in the marketplace, #2 what is coming, and #3 how to put together customer’s needs with innovations or inventory that is coming to the market. This is my street wisdom. For me in real estate, […]


The Secret to Success and Becoming #1 in the World… at ANYTHING

The secret to becoming #1 in the world, at least according to a residential broker I met, is to Be Available. This weekend I actually went house hunting with a family member. They are looking to buy a home over in Pinellas County in the 1 to 2 million dollar range. I called the broker […]


The Power of Secondary Influencers

Last time we talked about the value of facetime. This time I’m going to show you more examples of what I mean. Secondary influencers come in all different sizes. They may be people I met when I walk in the door. I’ll give you an example. I walked into a warehouse building last week. The […]


Market Intelligence: The Value Of Facetime

I am just going to talk about real time activity that I had last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday I had a junior rep, or someone who has never been straight commission sales. He recently got his real estate license and he wanted to come out and watch what I did for generating business for […]


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