Share Information to Gain More Customerss

A Secret to Acquiring New Customers Quickly

Obviously, the fastest way to open up any account when acquiring new customers is to get an introduction to the decision maker by a trusted sales rep or owner of a company. What I do is I identify companies that have synergy with who I am trying to target and I set up either a […]

Success can be as simple as being visible in your territory.

Be visible in your territory

Independently of door knocking local businesses inside of my territory, you could pretty much set your watch to where to find me on any given day. After I drop my daughter off at school I go to the YMCA. I spend a little time after I work out and talk with the people there. I […]

Buy Local Is a Secret To Growing Your Business. Image source Flickr user rreihm

Buy Local To Grow Your Business

Why is it important to buy local? In my territory I have a local printer. I use a local insurance company. I have a local company that does my signs. I go to the local barber. I have a local CPA. I buy my pet’s pet food at a local pet store. I go to […]


Brand Yourself: Stand Out From The Crowd and Join The Local Chamber

I have said this before, but when I first opened my real estate company, even before I got my EIN number back from the state of Florida, I had already joined the Chamber of Commerce in this market in the East Tampa market and I’m grateful I did. This is one of the keys how […]


Brand Yourself In The Territory

In any territory that I have worked, I have tried to participate in organizations for two reasons. One, to give back to the community. Obviously, if they are spending money with me I have enough time or income to share with other disadvantaged groups in the territory. What it does for me is it gets […]


Find and Access Your Ideal Customers – Use the Public Library

When I first started selling I went to the public library and I found user directories for all of the types of businesses I was calling. I was selling book printing at the time and I had discovered that there was a directory for publishers, there was a directory for manufacturers, there was a directory […]


Proven Street Wisdom Produces Surprising Results

I have discovered that what makes top producing salespeople valuable in their marketplace is knowing #1 what is going on in the marketplace, #2 what is coming, and #3 how to put together customer’s needs with innovations or inventory that is coming to the market. This is my street wisdom. For me in real estate, […]


The Secret to Success and Becoming #1 in the World… at ANYTHING

The secret to becoming #1 in the world, at least according to a residential broker I met, is to Be Available. This weekend I actually went house hunting with a family member. They are looking to buy a home over in Pinellas County in the 1 to 2 million dollar range. I called the broker […]


The Power of Secondary Influencers

Last time we talked about the value of facetime. This time I’m going to show you more examples of what I mean. Secondary influencers come in all different sizes. They may be people I met when I walk in the door. I’ll give you an example. I walked into a warehouse building last week. The […]

Value Of Facetime

Market Intelligence: The Value Of Facetime

I am just going to talk about real time activity that I had last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday I had a junior rep, or someone who has never been straight commission sales. He recently got his real estate license and he wanted to come out and watch what I did for generating business for […]


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