Money Call

I recently watched the movie called “Moneyball.” It starred Brad Pitt. He was the general manager of the Oakland Athletics back in 2002. He was faced with fielding a team that had a $44,000,000 budget and make it competitive against teams like the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Socks that had over $100,000,000 […]


Find and Access Your Ideal Customers – Use the Public Library

When I first started selling I went to the public library and I found user directories for all of the types of businesses I was calling. I was selling book printing at the time and I had discovered that there was a directory for publishers, there was a directory for manufacturers, there was a directory […]


Proven Street Wisdom Produces Surprising Results

I have discovered that what makes top producing salespeople valuable in their marketplace is knowing #1 what is going on in the marketplace, #2 what is coming, and #3 how to put together customer’s needs with innovations or inventory that is coming to the market. This is my street wisdom. For me in real estate, […]


Easy 4 Step Prospecting System

Alright, well this month’s subject is prospecting. There are 4 bullet points to this simple prospecting system we are going to cover on this blog post. What to bring with you. Your body language. What should you look like or dress like. What you sound like. The first thing I am going to talk about is […]


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