Fearless in learningParticipation is another way to build confidence cold calling and acquire situational learning.

What I try to teach is to start out slow, maybe 1 day a week initially. Find yourself a cold calling partner, someone who has experience if you do not have a trainer, and set a goal of spending an hour to two or 10 walk-in cold calls.

Try to repeat it 6 weeks in a row before you advance to 2 days a week and then eventually you will find that you will learn how to do this routine on a regular basis for 1 to 2 hours a day, 4 to 5 days a week. What I do is I try to invite people out with me so I cannot avoid it. I always seem to talk myself out of cold calling unless I have someone counting on me to go and make the calls with me.

I have been doing this a long time. I have made over 40,000 walk-in cold calls in my career and that is just the product of longevity and setting the habit. During that time I have walked into bad conversations and unbelievable opportunities. I have done well handling some questions and I’ve muffed quite a few conversations along the way, but as I created the habit of doing it on a regular basis I pretty much uncovered and expected what was going to happen before I walked in the door.

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That gave me confidence in how to handle the situation so I could comfortably engage the person I’m meeting and not cause any confrontation with them, but make myself memorable. Whether they had use for me or not, I felt like they would at least hold on to my information and pass it on to the decision maker.

Simple Repetition Is Key To Situational Learning

Again, doing the repetitions of making the calls is probably the best way for situational learning. The way that I do it is I chunk it down to a small portion of my day. I try to find somebody to do it with me so I kind of make an uncomfortable activity fun to do. Uncomfortable activities I have discovered have produced the most income for me and I am certain it will do the same for you.

Remember to participate as much as you can and also try to form a habit to do it a little bit each day, don’t make it the whole part of your day.

In Joe’s Words

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