curious boysThe subject we are going to talk about is situational learning for sales people. This is the 21st Century Learning for Sales People.

There are really 4 things that you can do to become better and more confident at selling that I have experienced.

  1. Modeling effective behavior
  2. Participating
  3. Outcomes that you run into good or bad
  4. Watching video of other people’s successes.

Situational learning is the 21st Century Learning for Sales People

Let’s talk about modeling effective behaviors first of all. What I have learned is that if I follow someone who has already done an activity and watch them perform either making a cold call or making an interview for a prospect, I can learn from what they are doing to see how they are successful to gain confidence myself.
What I have done for people that I train is I go out with them to show them how I handle situations and basically allow them to see that just genuinely approaching a situation that is new or random you can figure out ways to interact that will get you into a conversation to do business or at least learn about the needs of the prospect or customer that you are trying to call on.

I have seen people transform over 6 sessions going out cold calling with me, from being frightened to being surprised at how easy it is, to realize how nonthreatening people are to talk to when you go out, and then how quickly you can gain results from finding opportunities.
It is pretty satisfying actually to share what I know when I’m taking people out with me and allow them to model how I do it or experience how it can be done and see how they can transform in a short period of time watching it.
Modeling behavior is a really good way to develop confidence while you are out making cold calls.

Watch Shannon Transform Through 21st Century Learning

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