Aggressive Body Language Will Kill Your DealThe next thing we are going to talk about today is body language on a walk-in sales call. It’s one of the most important things in prospecting.

Now, I have taken a lot of training over my career and the majority of the training that I have received is that you have to dress for success, walk in confidently, know what you are ready or willing to say, and be “on” to impress the person you meet. Well, I’m going to kind of shift that dynamic a little bit.

I have noticed through experience and time that if I use the approach of being confident and polarized to a panache version of a sales person, the people that greet me tend to put up a resistance. They almost turn into porcupines.

I’ve learned that the less comfortable I look when I walk in the door and under the radar screen the better chances I have to get into a conversation. I generally walk in the door expecting nothing other than to share my information that I am carrying with me and it’s a windfall if I get to meet the decision maker.

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Most people that I greet that way, or greet me that way, tend to open up and tend to look for the person that needs to talk to me about what I’m peddling that day. So my body language looks kind of nonthreatening, slow moving, a little bit back pedaling, and almost frightened.

Don’t get me wrong, once I get into a conversation with the decision maker I’m able to transfer that into being on in the conversation and knowing what I’m talking about and listening for what they need, but until I reach the moment where I’m talking to a decision maker I’m trying to be as nonthreatening and under the radar screen as possible with my body language.

The next item we are going to talk about is what you should look like when you make the call. Again, body language – Keep it low key and you will have better results.

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How Does His Body Language Look?

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