Success can be as simple as being visible in your territory.Independently of door knocking local businesses inside of my territory, you could pretty much set your watch to where to find me on any given day.

After I drop my daughter off at school I go to the YMCA.

I spend a little time after I work out and talk with the people there.

I either stop over to either Starbucks, Panera, or McDonalds to have a coffee and meet people there or to use their wireless and send out information while visiting local restaurants in the territory.

I try to stick to 3 or four of the same locations visit them on a regular basis and I end my day either visiting Panera Bread or Starbucks to make follow up calls to people.

Normally when I’m there I run into at least 2 to 3 people that I know and who know me and get into conversations about what is going on with them and also let them know what I’m handling at this point in time for buildings.

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I have an office and I probably spend less than 4 hours a month behind my desk because I’m consistently out and about being seen. It’s all part of my strategy and the same reason I tell you to be visible in your territory.

I stop into the Chamber. I get the Chamber and I say one of the biggest benefits of membership there is, and I tell Mary this, they have clean restrooms. So I get to see there probably once or twice a month just going in to use the restrooms and saying hello.

Again, it is another simple practice, but it is something that keeps you in the forefront of people that do business inside of your market. Just get out and about and set a routine to do it every day.

I met this guy named Chris who owns a residential brokerage firm and he spends probably $500 a month just sitting at Starbucks and being visible at Starbucks, meeting people there or working on his computer. He says he picks off assignments just being the guy that sits at Starbucks.

Pretty much every time I go there I see him sitting outside and I know that he is a very successful and very busy guy. He makes the time to use that space as a visibility market for him.

A very simple thing to do that pays big dividends. Be visible in your territory.


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