Buy Local Is a Secret To Growing Your Business.

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Why is it important to buy local?

In my territory I have a local printer.

I use a local insurance company.

I have a local company that does my signs.

I go to the local barber.

I have a local CPA.

I buy my pet’s pet food at a local pet store.

I go to the local veterinarian.

My doctor is right around the corner from where I live.

And I have a mechanic that is a non-chain local mechanic.

What I get from that is two things, one is they get to see me at least once a month for information for stuff that they need to handle for me.

I also have a local company that I buy toner from. I have the choice of either buying printer toners from a big box store or a local company and I have committed to buying from a local cartridge refill company to help them out.

They are a member of the Chamber and I want to see them succeed. Ironically, recently I got referred to them. They are in the market for looking for some additional space, so they already know me because I’m a customer and obviously if I can help them directly I will. If I cannot help them directly and know of a place that would suit them I will tell them about it.

My insurance agent I know personally and I gave him an opportunity to handle my home insurance this time around. His advice to me was to stay with the provider that I have, but I’m also trying to refer him business and basically he does the same for me.

I’m actually looking for space right now for the sign company that I use and the pet store that I go to is allowing me to put fliers for a building that I’m leasing right down the street. I put some fliers out on their bulletin board.

My doctor asked me for advice for what his building is worth. He has about 4 years left until his building is paid off and he asked me for advice on what is going on in the market and what the value of his building is at this point in time.

Collectively, I have 9 relationships that I see locally on a regular basis that know me as a commercial real estate person in this territory, a trusted person to ask about real estate questions and also potentially excellent referral sources and potential clients down the road when they need to move. This probably wouldn’t happen if I didn’t buy local.

Just by doing business with local businesses and helping them succeed has helped me build alliances with the local community to gain opportunities and give opportunities.

So another easy thing to do is just try to do business with local businesses. They are here to survive in this economy in this territory so why not help them survive. They will appreciate it and potentially refer you business.


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  1. Andrea Page September 29, 2015 at 9:58 pm #

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