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I have discovered that what makes top producing salespeople valuable in their marketplace is knowing #1 what is going on in the marketplace, #2 what is coming, and #3 how to put together customer’s needs with innovations or inventory that is coming to the market. This is my street wisdom.

For me in real estate, by going out and visiting companies face-to-face I learn a lot. I learn that companies may be on a growth path or they may be closing their doors. Owners may be considering retirement or employees may be considering starting companies. By gathering real time information on a daily basis, I am able to identify needs and then by living the territory on a repetitive basis I have the pulse of what is going on in the marketplace where I can find opportunities for them to put their businesses.

You Can’t Shortcut Time In The Field

I remember reading this book called Outliers and what they talked about is before you become expert at any vocation or any type of activity, you need to log 10,000 hours to become an expert in that particular category. As a salesperson, by revisiting your territory you will become better every day just by the scenarios you live. You also learn how to read people and how to approach people so that your closing ratio or your favorable response ratio will go up.

I know earlier in my career I really did not have a method on how to visit different companies other than show up and regurgitate what I was told our company did. That is back when I sold book printing and then also when I sold office furniture. Now what I try to do is just read the person that I’m meeting before I step into a conversation and be low key about it so that I can be received and actually remembered in a favorable manner.

Street Wisdom Is Priceless

This all came with practicing and revisiting simple routine that I do every day, which is going out and meeting people. I have noticed that most successful salespeople I know understand the needs in their marketplace and also understand the opportunities in their marketplace and the only way that they are able to do this is by living it.

Street wisdom is a combination of activities that you should be living every day. If you do, you will find that you get better at turning opportunities into actual orders.

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