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The secret to becoming #1 in the world, at least according to a residential broker I met, is to Be Available.

This weekend I actually went house hunting with a family member. They are looking to buy a home over in Pinellas County in the 1 to 2 million dollar range. I called the broker over in that area. Actually I called her 3 times. Once I called her at 8:30 on a Friday night and she picked up immediately.

The second time I called her was at 7:45 on a Saturday morning and she picked up immediately. Then, I called her a third time at 6:00 on a Saturday night and she answered the phone and picked up immediately.

Success Leaves A Good First Impression

First of all that impressed me, her being willing to answer the phone at all 3 of those different times.

The second thing I noticed about her was I called about a listing that she had, it was a beautiful home right on the Gulf of Mexico priced in the 2 million dollar range. She also arranged at the same time after viewing this home to look at a second home that she had listed. We went over to look at both properties and during my time with her we asked pointed questions about each home.

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What I appreciated about her was that first of all she was an engineer and she had her masters in engineering so she was very versed in the construction of both homes we looked at.

I appreciated that she answered directly without adding any kind of opinion to the response, it was just a transparent exchange of information explaining either construction or status of each of these homes, the benefits, and also the things to be aware of in that neighborhood.

Success Anticipates Your Needs

Obviously, we were new to where these homes were located so she kind of gave us a breath of what the neighborhood was about. She also mentioned that she lived in the middle of the neighborhood so she was very knowledgeable about all properties within a 3 to 5 mile vicinity, ironically, which is the same thing I do over on the east side of town with commercial properties I list.

Anyway, I noticed on her sign it said “#1 In The World.” When we ended the tour I asked her first of all “Are you #1 in the world?” and she said yes she is. Her daughter kind of teased her about that, but the bottom line is this lady had over 50 listings in the +$700,000 to million dollar range in a 5 mile territory. She had already executed deals on 20 of them this year, so she still has 30 left as product.

People buying these types of homes are generally capable buyers so it just needs to be a specific fit when they show up.

Success Does Simple Things Well

I asked her “What’s your secret to success?” and I was surprised for her to tell me it is that she answers her phone. I said “Wow! That’s an epiphany for me!” The bottom line is she is right. She answered the phone 3 times when I called her, so she was available for me each time I called, which was a plus in my mind’s eye. I was immediately attracted to looking at these listings for that type of a response.

Second, I noticed that she was knowledgeable about her territory. She was available to talk about everything in that area – Restaurants, other homes that are coming available to the market, lots, the history of the properties in the vicinity, and access to the properties.

The third thing I noticed was she was very transparent about how she delivered and communicated information to us as we asked the questions.

The bottom line is she was available and just being available has put her in the status of #1 in the world for the residential brokerage firm that she works for, and it’s a national firm by the way. That was impressive to me and that was good advice for me, and you, to say if you want to be successful in your territory just live in it, know it, and be available to share transparent information when people ask you about your territory and you will be #1 in your industry.

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