The secret To Receiving Trusted Referrals From Friends And Mentors

Do you have a mentor? Someone you trust? Do they give your referrals for your business? If you have mentors that know the type of business that you are in they can guide you with their knowledge on how they built their companies, what organizations you might want to join, what activities you should be […]


A Secret to Acquiring New Customers Quickly

Obviously, the fastest way to open up any account when acquiring new customers is to get an introduction to the decision maker by a trusted sales rep or owner of a company. What I do is I identify companies that have synergy with who I am trying to target and I set up either a […]


Buy Local To Grow Your Business

Why is it important to buy local? In my territory I have a local printer. I use a local insurance company. I have a local company that does my signs. I go to the local barber. I have a local CPA. I buy my pet’s pet food at a local pet store. I go to […]


Prospecting Tip: It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It

The last component of prospecting is what you should sound like when you walk in the door. There are different scenarios. Most people that you walk up to are nice. What I normally do is when they ask can I help you I sound soft-spoken and I say I don’t know if you’ll have direct need […]


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