May I Help You?

Obviously, I can’t promise you that every door knock that you make will end happily for you. Sometimes there are people that are just resistant to anyone walking in their door and are pretty abrupt when you do. I was out today with a friend of mine, Jay, who is a partner in a copy […]


Be visible in your territory

Independently of door knocking local businesses inside of my territory, you could pretty much set your watch to where to find me on any given day. After I drop my daughter off at school I go to the YMCA. I spend a little time after I work out and talk with the people there. I […]


4 Things To Expect When Making Walk-in Cold Calls

The situational learning category of outcomes is really 4 outcomes that I really expect or have been prepared to expect on calls since I have been making walk-in cold calls. The first outcome I expect is trying to be nonthreatening enough to make a good impression with the person that greets me, whether it is […]


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