Brand Yourself: Stand Out From The Crowd and Join The Local Chamber

I have said this before, but when I first opened my real estate company, even before I got my EIN number back from the state of Florida, I had already joined the Chamber of Commerce in this market in the East Tampa market and I’m grateful I did. This is one of the keys how […]


Participation Is The Key To Success For Situational Learning

Participation is another way to build confidence cold calling and acquire situational learning. What I try to teach is to start out slow, maybe 1 day a week initially. Find yourself a cold calling partner, someone who has experience if you do not have a trainer, and set a goal of spending an hour to […]


Jack, The Realtor gains a $400,000 client

Hey Joe, I wanted to text you about my day today as I know you would appreciate the success a day like today could exemplify. I started the morning showing homes to clients that I found through Mercenary Cold Calling and we did find a home we are making an offer on. After finishing with […]


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