The final step in the situational learning category is the exit interviews.

Filming Football Practice

Basically for the situational learning on our community blog, I have set up video sessions of people that I have taken out doing “Four on the floor, 0 to 60,” which is a hands on prospecting personal training that I have set up to take people that are afraid to make cold calls or dislike making cold calls and within 6 sessions show them how they can go from hating it to being expert in it.


Along the way I videotape their opinion of the session.

Day 2 with Shannon


My goal with this is really to share with all of our members that having participated in the program so they can see how real people can transform doing a simple behavior with the help of a partner to do it along with them and we just lace it with success stories of what can happen when you do it.


It makes it fun, it makes it interesting, and it makes it transferable to somebody that really the only way that you can learn how to do something is to live it yourself or to learn from others that have done it already.

Day 6 with Shannon


With our success stories I originally thought that written stories would be effective, but now that we have easy access to video I can take an iPhone and videotape the exit interview of the folks that I have been taking out on calls and offer that to all of our members so they can kind of live through other people’s successes and shift their paradigm or their belief system on how well they can do making walk-in cold calls.


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Again, you can learn something or become expert doing it either living it or living vicariously through others. With situational learning I think exit videos of people that have participated in our personal training program is probably the best way to provide that.

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