Cold Calling Stones in GoldThe situational learning category of outcomes is really 4 outcomes that I really expect or have been prepared to expect on calls since I have been making walk-in cold calls.

The first outcome I expect is trying to be nonthreatening enough to make a good impression with the person that greets me, whether it is a gatekeeper receptionist or maybe a warehouse worker or maybe a security guard in a building. My goal when I walk in the door is to be genuinely nonthreatening with my approach so that I make a good impression.

30% of Cold Calls are decision makers

The second outcome is a lot of times when I am showing what I have for my real estate company the gatekeeper, or the person up front, actually asks me to visit with the owner or decision maker in their company. Usually 3 out of 10 times I make a walk-in cold call I get into a conversation with a decision maker.

They may have direct need for what I am delivering on the flyer that I carry or they may have a specific need that they need a Realtor to scout for. For that reason, when I meet them I kind of put on my expert hat when I am in a conversation with a owner, but prior to that introduction or meeting with the owner or decision maker I kind of lay back and be as nonthreatening as possible.

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The third outcome obviously is to make sure that I have made a nice enough contact where they hold on to the flyer that I have brought with me and that could be for their direct use or it could be for someone that they know.

I use a lot of large numbers. I feel that everyone knows 250 people and if I have left a positive imprint on the walk-in visit they may share the flyer that I brought with me to one of those 250 people. Ten walk-ins to me represents a potential 25 possible users for what I have delivered.

Lastly, sometimes you do run into a person who is just having a bad day and they will jump on you for walking through a door that may have a no soliciting sign on it.

I try to softly and safely exit the conversation so at the end of the conversation, even though the person that has engaged me may have been a little abrupt, at the end of the conversation they realize that I’m just there doing my job and hopefully they will be kind enough to hold on to my information or not call the security guard in the building on me when I walk in the door.

I always try to leave as cordially as possible so that I don’t instigate any kind of negative feedback from the owners of the company or the owners of the building that I am calling on.

Again for outcomes, the 4 that I spoke about in this session are:

  1. Make a good impression.
  2. You may meet a decision maker.
  3. Obviously, you will be able to deliver your information and be nice so that they hold on to your information.
  4. The fourth one is if you do have a confrontation make it as minimal as possible and leave cordially.

I will talk to you in the next portion of this training and good selling.

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