child covering ears-no hearThe last component of prospecting is what you should sound like when you walk in the door.

There are different scenarios. Most people that you walk up to are nice. What I normally do is when they ask can I help you I sound soft-spoken and I say I don’t know if you’ll have direct need for what I have or not. I have a flier of a property that we are leasing right now, or selling right now, and I just want to make your owners aware of it to see if they have direct need or if they know anyone else looking for this type of space. That’s pretty much it.

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If somebody comes at me confrontationally or aggressively because I’ve walked in through a no soliciting sign on their door, I won’t challenge them. I’ll generally just tell them the reason I’m here is not to do anything but share information and tell them I’m doing my job. I don’t go in there trying to sell or ask for the decision maker over the person that greets me. I just try to be respectful of the person I’m talking with.

Prospecting Like a Champ

I ask them if they are having a good day before I start into what I have to say and then I share what I have. So it is a very low-key, nonthreatening way to sound. I generally say it with soft, monotone tonality. If I get into a conversation with the decision maker, obviously I adapt to what type of tone or what type of speed I speak when I’m going through gathering information from them.

That is pretty much how you should sound, or that’s pretty much how I sound when I do it. I’m sure I’m not going to give you the perfect words to say, you will adapt your own perfect words. The only advice I would give you is to be low-key when you come in so that you’re not a threat to the person that is greeting you and they welcome you into a conversation.

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