Step by step simple prospecting systemAlright, well this month’s subject is prospecting. There are 4 bullet points to this simple prospecting system we are going to cover on this blog post.

  • What to bring with you.
  • Your body language.
  • What should you look like or dress like.
  • What you sound like.

The first thing I am going to talk about is what to bring. I have sold in 3 different industries. I sold book printing in my first 10 years of my selling career, I sold office furniture my second 10 years, and now I’m selling commercial real estate.

What I learned early is that what to bring, what I came up with, is almost like a resume of our company. What that looked like for me was it had bullet points of how our company services the account and also features and benefits of what we do when we service the account. The second part of that was a description of the philosophy me, Joe Cole, as a rep would handle providing problem solving and service to that account. The other thing that we put on there was a photograph of myself and something of value that the customer could take away even if they weren’t ready for us. Those are the components that I brought with me.

[Tweet “I leave something of value that the customer could take away even if they weren’t ready for us.”]

Really, the whole premise was to brand the company and also to make me, as a sales rep, a real person to deal with when they are ready to deal with me and create the possibility if somebody couldn’t meet with me when I walked in the door to have a chance to call us to do business. That is pretty much what I identified to bring with me. For book printing it was promoting our binding capabilities, our fast turnaround for product, and our quality and aggressive pricing.

For office furniture it might be how are we engineering the space that a company has to either upgrade their image or to fit more people efficiently in the office space they work. For real estate it is pretty much to make aware the buildings that we have in our territory to sell them or to lease them. We have information with what the lease rate is, what the price of the building is, a map of where it is located, a photograph.

All of those things are in there to basically help the person who receives this to make a decision whether they have use for us at that time. The other more important reason, the economic reason I do it, came later when I am in the real estate company. I was doing blind postcard mailings and I am wondering if people are even reading what I am sending out, so at least I have the comfort to know that I hand delivered my message. Also, I have chunked it down to more of a riffle approach, to one save the amount of printing that I need to do and two avoid paying the postage.

I figure if I’m spending money for printing and if I’m spending money for postage, one if I’m hand delivering I’m avoiding that and two I’m guaranteeing that my message is getting to their building. The other dynamic is I get a feel for where I’m sending it to.

That is pretty much what I bring. I don’t know if that will apply to you, but I believe it will. I will talk to you on the next subject, which is body language.

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