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If you own a company or if you are a salesperson, you are going to have days that you are just mentally beat down by not accomplishing any positive results in the activities that you are doing for a given day or you may be going backwards.

You may have a hopeless feeling where your pipeline has dried up or the competition against your company has come in to cut the legs out from under your territory without you having a plan in place to react to it.

What I do when I need to recalibrate my thinking to a bad incident that I have experienced selling is I usually think big. I usually try to think of bigger goals than I have already laid out for myself.

Big, crazy ideas.

Things that potentially at this point in my life seem unobtainable. Then I start thinking of action plans on how to reach those goals.

I try to condense them and bring them back to a weekly, then a daily, then an hourly routine where I can step little by little toward accomplishing the big ideas that I come up with.

Obviously, it may be a 5-year window that you are looking at to accomplish a goal, but if you can at least shift your mindset off of thinking for a solution to reaching big-time goals that you have for yourself, whether it is winning a trip as a salesperson or opening another location as a business owner, you need to get off the mindset of reacting to a bad situation in your sales day by focusing on goals and focusing on activities to achieve your goals.

That will help you take action to improve yourself in your situation.

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