Rocket Kid Super HeroI was watching the History Channel the other day and I saw Stan Lee. He was an author with Marvel Comics and co-created many superheroes.

He was on a quest. He sent a guy out to find people with superhuman abilities.

There were guys bending metal and chewing glass, jumping from tall heights, and holding their breath for major lengths of time.

These people were defying the logic or tolerances of most human beings.

What I do know about top sales people is they produce or they are asked to produce extraordinary results being ordinary people, but the common denominator in all of them is that their day is full of stepping into uncomfortable activities that produce the best sales results.

They are either going out to meet strangers or public speaking or calling a president of a company or walking in to a board room for major conglomerates.

All of these sales people have the same outlook on sales. They are comfortable or they have made themselves brave enough to step into an uncomfortable situation that can potentially turn into a sale.

Myself, I have tooled a system that keeps me on track to do the majority of uncomfortable activities daily. This is because I know that I can produce better results in a shorter period of time the more I step out of my comfort zone.

The refinement of how I do things has actually made me look forward to making cold calls every day, which is a very terrifying and uncomfortable activity. Usually when I’m depressed or down and out about where my next order is coming from I break my depression by going out and door knocking for business.

So, Stan Lee, you may not find a superhuman sales person, but you will find top level sales people that are asked to do super human sales tasks and they are willing to do it. Think about how you are tooling your day to do uncomfortable activity and there is an outside chance you may become a top producer.

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  1. Nick Klemp November 9, 2015 at 4:01 pm #

    Thanks Joe

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