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Obviously, I can’t promise you that every door knock that you make will end happily for you. Sometimes there are people that are just resistant to anyone walking in their door and are pretty abrupt when you do.

I was out today with a friend of mine, Jay, who is a partner in a copy machine company and we were making calls together. He brought up a situation where he was over on the other side of the bridge in Tampa, over in Pinellas County.

He walked into a company where he was greeted by a man that curtly asked him “May I help you?” and Jay explained himself as someone who, if he was not imposing, was looking for the person that handles the copy machine.

The man repeated again “May I help you?” and Jay repeated himself a second time, the same words. The third time the man said “May I help you?” firmly again Jay shortened his reply and said “I’m here to offer a business card for copiers.”

The man abruptly asks him to leave now and Jay turned to him and said “Have a nice day” and the man said “You need to leave now.”

Well this incident, even though Jay has made thousands of walk-in cold calls, has affected him. It drained a little bit of energy from his day. Just knowing that, you can always remember a bad incident when somebody treats you poorly on a cold call.

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The only advice I can give you is if it does happen to you, continue making cold calls to kind of reduce it to a marginal, small part of your life.

Technique-wise, a response to “Can I help you?” to someone like that might be “I don’t know if you can help me or not, but this is why I’m here.” You probably still will get the same response.

All I can tell you about people like that is they are having a bad day and it was not you that affected their day, but it is you that helped them exert some frustration toward you to give them a feeling of power. You are the only vent that they could vocalize toward in the day.

It is going to happen. I can count on one hand how many bad incidences I have had and I have made over 40,000 walk-in cold calls.

My advice to you, and to Jay, is the same.

Just keep making calls and talk to your friends who sell stuff along with you and try to pump some energy back into your sales life.

“May I help you?” It is going to happen and sometimes it is going to happen in a bad way. Learn to get over it.

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Emilio says “It’s a skill everyone should have…”


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