don't scare the babyThere are 3 things I can think of that are worse than cold calling.

Back in the 1980s it was living off of my credit card so I could pay the rent and then going into work Monday mornings hearing my print production manager tell me that my friends that ran third shift presses had to be laid off because we didn’t have enough work load for the shop.

In the 1990s selling office furniture, we were running 4 trucks when we were full capacity. If I did not sell enough furniture that month, we would have to take down 2 drivers on a truck and put them in a warehouse. If it got really bad, we would have to give all of the drivers a day off on Friday with no pay.

Now, running my own company, it is basically drawing from credit lines to pay the bills until our next commission comes in the door.

Those are 3 things that I can directly relate to not making cold calls. That is why I force myself to do it every day. The system that I have designed basically is to trap myself to compounding opportunities by revisiting the market face-to-face on a regular basis.

Obviously it is frightening.

I had a Facebook post recently of me standing next to a No Soliciting sign smiling and one of the comments was “Joe’s not afraid of anything.” Well I can tell you this, I’m afraid of a dried up pipeline and I’m afraid of going out of business, so I know that the lifeline of my business is to continually go out and create opportunities.

If you are remotely interested in looking at how I do it, go to the website and look at the tips that I provide you each week and hopefully you will get the same habit. It works.

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  1. Nick Klemp November 9, 2015 at 4:01 pm #

    Thanks Joe

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