image source: Flicker User  Roxanne Milward

image source: Flicker User Roxanne Milward

Do you have a mentor?

Someone you trust?

Do they give your referrals for your business?

If you have mentors that know the type of business that you are in they can guide you with their knowledge on how they built their companies, what organizations you might want to join, what activities you should be doing, and what charities you should be involved with.

This is because they have already done it. They can possibly open doors with their circle of influence that they are doing business with right now.

In my premium training we teach this through situational learning.

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The same thing with your customers. I have asked to be a guest at organizations that my customers go to and also see if they have any friendly competitors that might have use for what I do for them.

It is just an easy way to stay in the forefront of your mentors and customers by asking questions about their business and how you can integrate your services with their business.

Open up their minds for referring you direct referrals or positioning you in places where you can be in the room with the right people that you need to prospect with.

Ask a mentor on a regular basis. I usually go out once a month with my mentors to tell them how I am doing and remind them of the types of companies I’m having success with and revisiting my existing customers.

I am involved in or I am aware of different corporate events they are going to or membership events they are going to that I possibly could be a guest at.

Remember to stay in front of your mentors and ask for referrals and guidance on where to find prospects and the same thing for your customers.

They will happily give you referrals because they know what kind of job you are doing for them and it is a good way for them to build rapport with their circles of influence.

So remember, ask mentors and customers for referrals.

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