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Obviously, the fastest way to open up any account when acquiring new customers is to get an introduction to the decision maker by a trusted sales rep or owner of a company.

What I do is I identify companies that have synergy with who I am trying to target and I set up either a one-on-one meeting or a group meeting to show them the list of companies I’m trying to pursue and also take a look at the list that they are trying to pursue for prospecting.

Basically, if I know somebody on their list I can get them a warm introduction to anyone that I’m doing business with and if I share my list with them they can do the same for me.

It compresses time for calling on someone cold and building rapport with them because you are already leveraged into the account.

Share Customer Lists And Do It Together

The second way of doing it is even if you don’t have any influence on the target lists, you both have the same goal, which is to meet the end users of the prospect list that you have identified as being the best possible candidates for doing business with you and also doing business for them.

Just go out and meet them together and make calls together. By doing this you are telling 2 stories when you walk in the door. You are also providing accountability for each other to show up and work the lists.

The days that you are not together, in the back of your mind you are uncovering opportunities for each other and if you hit an opportunity for one of your partners you can share it and they can do the same for you.

Finding and accessing ideal customers by sharing lists and by prospecting or working the lists together creates camaraderie for the target lists, it opens doors that you are both already participating in, and it compresses time.

Share the list that you have identified and work it together.

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