Brandon Chamber Event

Joe making friend at the Brandon Chamber event.

I have said this before, but when I first opened my real estate company, even before I got my EIN number back from the state of Florida, I had already joined the Chamber of Commerce in this market in the East Tampa market and I’m grateful I did. This is one of the keys how to brand yourself in your territory.

I just recently joined a second Chamber to help one of the folks that is working with me brand herself in the territory that she is going to be working. When I showed up I found out that I randomly just visited them with Jason, one of the folks I was taking out cold calling with me, and we actually both joined this Chamber.

I discovered that the president of the Chamber was a fellow member with me at the first Chamber I joined. Jason got 3 referrals after we signed up, he is in the shredding business, and I was given information by the director of the Chamber about a property that is coming available for an assignment that I’m looking to fulfill for someone who is looking to build a large distribution building.

The director also invited me to sit at the president’s table at their next luncheon and she wants me to get involved on the economic committee in their Chamber. She told me that one of the landlords that she has at her location knew of me, lives close to me, and had identified me as a person to sit with them on an economic counsel for a commercial real estate category.

I’m pretty excited that I walked in on them and I was not surprised, but I was very appreciative that they were so aggressive toward helping us with referrals, with information, and also to invite me in to the Chamber.

Be Active To Brand Yourself

They also want me to participate in some of their educational programs. I teach people on how I do things and I love talking about it and sharing what I have learned and experiences that I gain every day, so that is another opportunity that I would not have had unless I stepped in and became a member of this Chamber.

Also, when I join, I generally join at a higher level so I get the benefit of putting us in their directory, front position on their website, and having an opportunity to have mailing inserts with their newsletters. It is all good and again it is just a simple thing that has a powerful consequence if you do it, especially if you are building a territory.

You want to get involved in your Chamber because you can pretty much befriend 500 to 1,000 businesses just by being a member and then also participating.

Again, I encourage you to look at joining your local Chamber. You will definitely get your return on investment quickly if you participate. I know I have.

That is my tip for this session.

In Joe’s Words

Meet Jason: Who Got 3 Leads From Chamber

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