Be seen in your sales territoryIn any territory that I have worked, I have tried to participate in organizations for two reasons. One, to give back to the community. Obviously, if they are spending money with me I have enough time or income to share with other disadvantaged groups in the territory.

What it does for me is it gets me to meet other people inside where I work. It gets them to know me as a person first and gives a common goal to work together on. Secondly, indirectly you do get business from it.

Get Involved

I will give you a couple of examples. I coach soccer for my daughter’s soccer team and one of the parents of the soccer team knew me as a coach, but also asked me what I did and I wound up helping them lease out a property that they had, a warehouse building that they own.

I go to the YMCA. I contribute to the local YMCA and I also exercise there. One of the ladies that I meet over there once or twice a week, they have a coffee club and I stop by and say hello, she had a building that she needed help selling and she gave me the listing to sell her building.

Another example is delivering Meals on Wheels. I had the occasion to meet one of the folks that I provide food to every Tuesday and they are basically getting ready to downsize out of their home and they asked me for advice on how to list and sell their home.

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Being in these organizations, #1 it helps me share gratitude for what I am doing in the territory, #2 it gets people to know me as a person first, and #3 indirectly without even asking for referrals if they know what I do they are kind of interested in having me help them sell or lease their properties.

Really, it is an easy thing to do, it is a good thing to do, and it is probably a fairly good strategy to get indirect referrals for your business and obviously brand yourself in the territory.

I recommend joining 2 to 3 organizations inside of where you work and give your time, donate your money if you can, and be available if people need help for what you do.

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