smiling logLast time we talked about the value of facetime. This time I’m going to show you more examples of what I mean.

Secondary influencers come in all different sizes. They may be people I met when I walk in the door. I’ll give you an example. I walked into a warehouse building last week. The person that greeted me, I explained myself as having a building for sale and he held me up.

He looked at the flier I provided him and then he asked me to wait a moment and he walked me into the office of the manager of that company, who actually was in the market for the type of building I was promoting that day.

I walked into a law firm and the lady that greeted me was the paralegal for the attorney she worked for. She was influential in getting the attorney to look at a brand new office lease that I had 2 miles from their existing space.

It could be a former vendor or friend. I had a friend who was my representative at a local Chamber that has moved on to another position selling and she is originally from Philadelphia. She was able to get me an introduction with a group up in Philadelphia to look at a property that we are helping an owner sell in Philadelphia.

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So I have a possibility of meeting 3 investors from Philadelphia from a lady that was my vendor or representative at the Chamber who now is in a position to help me refer to her circle of influence from where she grew up.

I also had an opportunity with one of the leases we just recently did. The person that committed to it walked me over to one of his vendors, or a referral partner, which happened to be an attorney. The lady that greeted me in the office was the CFO of the attorney’s office and she recognized me because she had been looking at some of the listings that I have posted on the Internet.

I was also referred by her residential broker to help them find a building, so my name was fresh in her mind. She already understood what I was doing in the market and I gave her some feedback on what buildings were available for her needs, obviously including the broker that recommended me to them. Immediately she came out and offered me a referral to a roofing company that is in the market for a building.

Make Every Meeting Count

So the bottom line is, secondary influencers are people that may not be the direct person buying a property. They may not have use for what I’m selling, or what you are selling, at that particular point in time, but they may know somebody who does have a use for what you are trying to do.

They may be willing to introduce you to those relationships based on their nature for one, two the value that you have presented or reputation that you have presented to your market, and three by just being available in conversation space normally walking in the door to tell them what you are about and offer some useful ideas for them to prompt people that they may refer you to.

I have actually benefitted by secondary influencers in the market indirectly 17 times over the past 18 months, just being available and continually revisiting the market and being visible in the market with offerings that we have for our listings. I believe that any salesperson can do the same thing in their industry and encounter these types of scenarios if they stay the course and consistently put themselves out there in a generous, nonthreatening way.

In Joe’s Words


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